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My property had been for sale for 2 ˝ years and there was no buyer to be found.  One day I saw a phone number on a sign which said, “We buy houses”.  I called the number and talked with the House Troopers.  We had outstanding communication!  The service was friendly and very informative.  I had almost given up hope that my house would ever sell because of the economy right now.  We closed on my house and we all walked away happy and satisfied.  I would like to highly recommend the House Troopers to anyone who needs to sell their house.

Shannon Halpin

Oxford, AL

I was treated very good and they got right on the short sale and, negotiated with the bank and bought my house.  I would recommend them to anyone who needs help from foreclosure.
Betty Harwell, Eastaboga

Being a sub contractor, I first met you when I painted one of your homes. After working with you on several homes I was impressed with the quality that went into these homes. Eventually I bought one. After seven years I needed to relocate and you bought my home back.

Thank you,


My wife and I talked about selling our old house. We kept it for four years after moving to our newer house in Indian Oaks. One day my wife saw a sign that said, "We will buy your house". She got the number and called. The next day I met them and showed them the house we were going to sell. They came in and looked around all of our stuff and took pictures of the house and talked about the condition of the house and we settled on what I thought was a fair price. We signed a few papers and they went to work. Doing some repair work on the house and trying to find a potential buyer. Signs went up and the house was advertised and started to be shown to buyers.

I told them I would start to move our "stuff" out so buyers would get a better feel for the house. Everyone we talked to thought that it would take a long time to sell because of the "down housing market" and I would have plenty of time to move out our things. They worked faster than I did. They had a buyer in about three weeks. All we had to do was set a closing date and move out our things. They made me have to work fast.

It was tiresome at times, but in the end everything went better than my wife and I expected. Everyone was very professional and easy to work with. They stand behind what they say. Not every company will do that these days. If I had another house to sell, I would definitely give them a call. Thanks for your assistance in selling our house. It was a pleasure.

Dennis and Margaret Jones,




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